Mission Statement


I am a graphic designer specializing in the creation of company-specific branding and content marketing with digital media. I produce company branding and advertising, mainly for online education providers, that is fit for digital publication in blogs, online articles, social media and websites. While I do not specialize in print media, my knowledge extends beyond the digital platform, creating brand-specific t-shirt designs, office pamphlets, and information systems.

My strong suit lays with color arrangement and graphical layout. I enjoy making promotional materials such as email and social media images for events as well as press releases. My editing and graphic skills are best in Photoshop and IllustratorĀ and are intermediate in InDesign, and Muse. I also have several years of experience in video production and editing for online training courses to ensure proper use of company trademarks and lasting memorable identity.

I have worked for a startup company for several years, and as such I understand the necessity to be multi-faceted in skills, knowledge of subject matterĀ and customer service. I am passionate about my work and will strive to always improve upon it with the help of constructive criticism. With this understanding and passion, I feel my hard work, skill level and experience are the perfect mix and fit for graphic marketing projects.