GRCO 354 Projects

Artist Statement:
My work is a balance between minimalism, nature, and modern industrial themes. An infusion of structures, combined with nature in industrial and modern settings, defines the minimalist expressions in my work. Organized, uncluttered, and fluid throughout, this infusion unlocks feelings of social awareness and happiness looking back to less chaotic periods in history. Inspiration is often found in the everyday, full of natural and man-made beauty for which the heart longs. I hope my work below exemplifies these feelings.

earthmananimal           lopezmiller_tatianna_assignment 3a
3_lopezmillert_project3-03          Capture         2_LopezMiller.T_project3-02adirondack_short_wword                     tatianna-design

Week 3 GIF Discussion

Edge Animate HTML5 Project

I couldn’t put the actual Edge files in WP, so I just recorded it using Snagit, and posted it to my YouTube account. The resolution isn’t the best, but it’s better than nothing (I suppose).

Adobe Muse HTML Web Design

I screen captured use of my Muse project (webpages) because I could not figure out how to upload the zip file onto WP. Anyway, the video above is an overview/walk through of the interactivity and content on the site.

GRCO354LopezMiller-FinalProject-Print_Final (pdf)

GRCO354LopezMiller-FinalProject-Print2    GRCO354LopezMiller-FinalProject-PrintGRCO354LopezMiller-FinalProject-Print3