Ads, ads, ads … they’re not always eye sores

Below are some “ads” or promotional graphics that I created for our email and social media campaigns. The first is a quick promo I made for one of our company partners (Varonis). They have a webinar coming up this week but did not send us a graphic, so I created something to visually promote it (within their branding guidelines Of Course!).


The second piece is to promote our company’s product – Micro Certifications! We are giving everyone the opportunity to take all 5 of our end user security exams for free.


Lastly, the third piece is to promote the RSA Conference (USA) currently happening. I used it in a few of our email campaigns last week, so here’s hoping it helped 😉


As you might notice, I have gotten into black and white – it’s clean and easy to work with, and looks pretty darn professional. PLUS, it fits perfectly in with my company’s emerging theme of “cool, educated, sophisticated business hackers”.


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