Display Ideas!

Updated 1/18/2017: updated content below divider line.

Update 2 – 1/31/2017: Final display printed and ready for show! Pictures at the bottom.

Cybrary has been invited to several events in 2017, on of which is BSides Nova. In preparation for this event, our team has been deciding on designs for the pop-up banner that will be on display at the upcoming conventions. One design I thought of (to fit the brand) is a dark background – which mirrors the website – and faded gradient triangles that lead to the logo and tagline.

The goal of the banner/display at these conventions is to attract attention quickly among the hundreds of other companies and then get those who are attracted to you to come and learn more. With this theme, we think that our company is stand out while not overdoing the cliche “tech scenario” – i.e. the background being a picture of someone “hacking” on a computer.

More designs will come, as we have not settled on a final theme, but for now, here is one sample that I created for a 10′ x 10′ display.


The design we settled on is below. It incorporates two versions of the company logo to increase brand recognition and includes side text to help promote one of our main product lines.




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